Costa Rican 2016 Holidays*:

January 1 (New Year)
March 24 (Maundy Thursday)
March 25 (Good Friday)
April 11 (Juan Santamaría Day)
May 1 (Workers’ Day)
July 25 (Annexation of the Partido of Nicoya)
August 2 (Virgen de los Angeles Day)
August 15 (Mother’s Day)
September 15 (Independence Day)
October 12 (Day of the Cultures)
December 25 (Christmas Day)


* There are no discounts for the weeks that contain a holiday day: no class is held on these days. Holidays that fall on weekends do not affect the program. Holidays that fall between Tuesday and Thursday may be moved to Friday in order to give a long weekend. Homestays are not affected by any national holidays. Students will not be charged for classes during Easter and Christmas holidays when the school is closed¨.